Enzo Todaro
Chief Operation Officer

With an excellent Degree in Agricultural Science at University of Bari, Enzo started his career at the Institute of Industrial Horticulture CNR Bari and afterwards as Research Fellow at PASTIS – National Centre for Research and Materials Development in Mesagne (BR). That’s where he met Professor Renato Guerriero, one of the major metallurgy experts in Italy, who will become President of STC a few years later. While working as an agronomist freelancer, he began a collaboration with STC as external consultant in 2001, year of the company’s birth. After two years, he has been officially included in the STC Team as Researcher in the Food Processing field and then as Project Coordinator also in the chemical and electrochemical sector. Promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2019, Enzo is currently one of STC’s Senior Executives and Key Employees.


Contrary to what usually happens in Italy, Enzo grew up in the North of the Country but decided to settle down in the South, in need of two fundamental things in his life: Sunny Weather and the SEA. He is also a big fan of Progressive Rock and a photography hobbyist

Giorgio La Sala
Chief Executive Officer

The brilliant graduation with merit in Chemical Engineering at University of Calabria in 1995, was only the beginning of the successful career of Giorgio La Sala: he initially had the opportunity to work for UOP MS SpA., Joint venture between Allied Signal and Union Carbide (Reggio Calabria facility), which enabled him to travel several times and for very long terms to the headquarters of the company in the US and supervise the start-up of several innovative production lines. In 1997, he decided to come back to Italy and was nominated the Head of innovative processes at the PASTIS-CNRSM Science and Technology Park in Brindisi. After working for TECPRO Srl (Bologna) as R&D Director, Giorgio founded STC Srl in 2001 together with a group of young engineers and has been holding the position of CEO and technical manager of the company since then. STC Srl is a constantly growing company operating in the Lead recycling and Water Treatment field, has collected an interesting portfolio of National and International patents over the years and in 2019 it has been included in the Monbat Group, leading Bulgarian company in the field of lead acid battery production and lithium-ion high-power cells and systems. With the acquisition, Giorgio maintained his position of shareholder, CEO and Managing Director of the Company.


Whenever he can, Giorgio goes trekking in the countryside and in the woods, always looking for edible wild chicory and mushrooms to pick and to cook for his family and friends. When he likes a movie, he gets obsessed with it and loves watching it over and over again to analyze every single detail.

His secret wish is to travel around Europe by motorbike.

Alberto Bergamaschini
Commercial Director & Business Developer

After secondary school graduation in Industrial Chemistry in 1981 in Milan and a post-graduation specialization in Environmental Engineering, he started his career in the field of engineering, design, construction and management of environment protection plant (water, wastewater, air and waste treatment).
Since 2000, he is providing plants and technological solution to the battery recycling and secondary lead industries initially as Project Manager and, since 2010, in the commercial department of engineering companies.
In 2019 he joined STC as Commercial Director thus realizing his ambition to work both on water treatment and non-ferrous metal recycling.


Despite his busy work schedule, Alberto knows very well how to enjoy his spare time: he is a great tennis and padel player and loves hiking and cycling in the mountains near his house on beautiful Lake Maggiore. To compensate the lack of manual activity in his work activity, in the evening he delights in restoring old furniture.

Luigina Spremulli
Quality Assurance and Health&Safety Manager

Our Health & Safety Manager is part of the STC Team since 2003 and controls the company Quality Assurance as well as supervising the Certifications system for processes and products.
Gina has a deep educational and professional background in Agri-Food Sciences and Technologies: after her graduation at University of Bari, she has always worked in the Research & Development sector of innovative technologies for food processing (fruit and vegetables dehydration, pasteurization, stabilization processes etc.). She also participated in several National and European R&D projects in cooperation with the Research Centre of Brindisi and joined STC when the company was only 2 years old.


She is actively involved in numerous social activities and is also part of several cultural organizations. She practices yoga in her free time and loves reading and writing, as well as motorbike travelling and sailing.

Stefano Facecchia
Supply Chain Manager

Stefano joined STC in 2010 and after a few years working in the Purchase & Sales Department, he has now become Supply Chain Manager of our company. He is constantly in contact with suppliers and clients from all over the World, always ensuring punctuality, reliability and proficiency. His IT skills are another essential resource for STC in addition to his smart, multi-tasking and problem-solving approach.


Passionate about Basketball for more than 25 years, he is currently manager of a well-known Basketball Club of Mesagne, particularly active in Junior Championships. He is also a great amateur photographer and enjoys travelling, especially on his beloved motorbike.

Francesco Scura
Head Process Engineering

With his graduation in Chemical Engineering in 2003 followed by a successful PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Calabria (Institute on Membranes Technology ITM-CNR), Francesco gained an extremely wide experience in the field of non-ferrous metals, heat pumps, membranes operations and chemical and electrochemical industry equipment. After the publication of his PhD thesis in 2009 entitled “Engineering of Membrane Systems for gaseous separations” about the design of membrane gaseous separations systems and membrane catalytic reactors, he was immediately selected by STC as Head Process Engineer.

Antimo Miccoli
Head Automation Engineer

Head of Automation Engineering Department, Antimo joined STC in 2008 after his excellent Bachelor and Master graduation in Automation Engineering at University of Salento in Lecce. Together with his team, he is responsible for the design and programming of new automation processes and the remote management and control of STC plants.


His passion for Electronics and Telecommunications started when he was very young together with his love for Athletics. As former professional athlete in the Italian Air Force, he collected 5 titles as regional champion and 1 as national champion of athletics. He is also a talented self-taught acoustic guitar player.

Luigi Spagnolo
Production Manager

Along with his Mechanical Engineering education, Luigi has a very extensive professional background as planner and costs controller for several companies (such as COSTRUTTORI SPA -Gruppo CEI and IMPES GROUP SPA) at BELELLI Offshore platform in Taranto for oil extraction. He also worked for GEMMO SPA as Planner of Electrical and Instrumentation systems for Malpensa airport 2000, for CEPAT Srl (Brindisi) as Production manager and for ASSICONSULTING Brindisi as Project Coordinator and Shareholder.
He joined STC in 2010 and is now responsible for the technical management, supervision and control of industrial production processes. 


The contact with nature is all Luigi needs during his days off. He enjoys spending time in the countryside, gardening or even just chilling out in the sun. He is also a very “adventurous” chef, always looking for new recipes to try or new flavors to discover.

Francesco Castrignanò
Chief Financial Officer

After a long-lasting and successful professional experience as Senior Auditor for PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Pwc) Spa and afterwards as Financial Control Manager for TI Fluid Systems in Brindisi, Francesco Castrignanò has now become the Chief Financial Officer of STC S.r.l.
His brilliant academic background in Business Administration and Control makes Francesco the perfect professional figure to lead our team towards success!


Rock Music and vinyl lover, with an insane passion for Beatles (mostly) and Rolling Stones which he daily lets his son Edoardo listen to!
Swimming, running and basketball are only some of his favorite sport activities and he even has an almost glorious past as football referee.

Carlo Segreto
Head Mechanical Engineer

Since 2016, Carlo is the Senior Mechanical Engineer of STC and is currently running a squad of designers and engineers dedicated to transform STC innovative processes into concrete technologies and equipment, to be promptly delivered to our clients.

He graduated with honors from University of Palermo in Mechanical Engineering and started to collect several important professional achievements with ELASIS and FIAT AVIO as aircraft engine Mechanical Designer. He is Six Sigma Black Belt and he carried out several Continuous Improvement and Business Process Reengineering projects. He was also appointed Planning, Purchasing and Work Analysis Manager for the Military Engine maintenance, repair and overhaul centre in Avio Aero and he is now giving a great boost to our company by sharing his precious know-how and technical expertise


Carlo is passionate about travelling as well as philosophical and historical studies. He loves all forms of art but is particularly fascinated by Japanese movies and culture. He also dedicates part of his free time to financial investments and stock market.

Luca Andrea Sconosciuto
Senior Mechanical Designer

Our Senior Mechanical Designer arrived in STC in 2007 and, since then, has always demonstrated a strong passion for his job as well as enthusiasm, attention to details and total commitment.

He started to learn all the secrets of electrical, hydraulic and thermal plants design in his father’s company and had the opportunity to specialize in this field through his studies. He initially attended the University Degree courses in Physics, he then obtained the Management Engineering Degree and has currently almost completed the Aerospace Engineering Master Degree course at the University of Lecce.

After his multiple working experiences as environmental acoustics operator (SIT&A s.r.l., Lecce) but also as teacher of various professional training courses about Prevention & Safety at the workplace, Environment & Sustainability and Computer science, he joined STC as prototype designer. Expert for more than 15 years of Solidworks (Dassault), Luca is now responsible for the whole mechanical designing team.


Amazing lamp designer, Luca has also created his own lamp brand called LASLights.
He is a great guitar player as well as a trumpet and synthesizers lover. Since 2013, he has become the pianist of a rock and pop band called “Tolleranza zero” which proposes beautiful original songs available across all major music streaming platforms.

Anastasios Nikas
Senior Plant Engineer

The youngest member of the Management Team is an Automation Engineer, comes from Greece and has a very unique story. While studying for his University Degree in Chalkida (GR), in 2013 he started his first important professional experience as production manager and plant supervisor and controller in a company located in Tebe, which was one of STC’s clients at that time. The CEO Giorgio La Sala met Anastasios during his visit at his client’s site and was immediately impressed by his smart and enthusiastic approach to work. He asked him if he was interested in a brief internship in Mesagne, Anastasios accepted and, after a few weeks, the temporary working experience in Italy turned into a permanent contract. Since 2014, he has always been in charge of automation designing, plant start-up and technical assistance, often for overseas projects, and he has just been promoted to SENIOR PLANT ENGINEER.


He grew up with a passion, transmitted by his father, for electronics, aviation and model aircraft - in particular radio-controlled helicopters. Sailing has lately become one of his favorite hobbies but he is also a real Radio Amateur and loves spending his spare time experimenting beautiful 3D printed creations