Grey water is by definition water generated by domestic activities such as those used for personal hygiene, home appliances, laundry, bathing, etc.  Recovery and treatment of grey water is an environmentally-friendly and money-saving process, based on the recovery and re-use of waters for several purposes.

Recovering grey waters creates a virtuous circle and enables to re-use large quantities of water that would otherwise be destined for waste. The potential savings related to grey water recovery and treatment facilities are enormous: just think that a family can save on average between 120 and 180 liters of water per day.

Grey water treatment is based on a membrane filtration that forms a barrier and allows the separation of water from all dirt residues. The obtained filtered water is usually stored in special reservoirs and destined for various uses, such as irrigation, toilet flushing, cleaning, household appliances, etc..

Recovering grey water is useful not only in the domestic environment, but is also a solution for many needs, especially where phyto-purification is not possible.

The STC Water Division designs and manufactures grey water treatment plants for use in civil, industrial and agricultural applications and for small communities such as islands, campsites, resorts, housing complexes and sports facilities.

The proposed plants may also be containerized.

Grey water reuse