In order to reduce the sulphates content inside the industrial water of the Breaking and Separation plant of MECA Lead Recycling S.p.A. in Lamezia Terme (CZ), in 2011 STC proposed a Membrane Nanofiltration Plant, a widely consolidated technology used for water purification processes and consisting in the separation, by means of semi-permeable membranes, of suspended materials and salts diluted inside the water to be treated.

In particular, the client’s plant includes a chemical process for the abatement and neutralization of residual acid contained inside the spent lead acid batteries. This neutralization process is implemented by activating the reaction between Sulphuric Acid and Ca (OH)and the final by-product obtained is Calcium Sulphate CaSO4. Thanks to STC’s solution, it was possible to separate and remove the calcium sulphate contained in the aqueous stream, thus allowing the recovered and purified water to be recycled inside the plant. The construction of the unit has been completely carried out inside STC’s Workshop, always in compliance with health & safety directives and EU regulations in force.

Ultrafiltration Unit