Composed of Double Screw Conveyor, Mixer, Extruder and Drier.


The STC Heavy Plastic Treatment System (HPTS) has the scope to treat the Heavy Plastic fraction coming from Battery Breaking plants with the aim of:

  • Producing a clean fraction of dry PE separators in form of compact and stable pellets having high specific weight, easy to be handled and transported, reusable as fuel in many thermal processes (e.g. cement industry);
  • Recovering the lead paste and metallic lead contained in the Heavy plastic fractions and therefore reducing the lead contamination;
  • Recovering the rigid plastic like heavy PP and ABS residues with possibility of further separation between the different types of plastics through the installation of optional ABS/PP recovery unit.

The unit is also suitable to process Light PP fraction contaminated by heavy plastics with the simple addition of an STC Sink&Float: the recovered PP can be further processed in the STC Polypropylene washing & grinding system (PPWGS) and eventually extruded in the STC Polypropylene Extrusion System (PPES).


  • Clean fraction of PE separators without residual humidity ;
  • High density and stability of the produced PE pellets;
  • Possible reuse as energy source;
  • Easy to handle, store and transport;
  • Recovery of other heavy plastics like PP filled with talc or ABS (with possible further separation);
  • Recovery of metallic lead and paste contained in the heavy plastic fraction.

AVAILABLE CAPACITY: 200 – 400 – 800 kg/h of Heavy Plastics corresponding respectively to 3/5 - 8/10 - 20 t/h battery breaker capacity PE PELLETS CHARACTERISTICS: < 0,8% of metallic lead and paste < 5% humidity Density ab. 750-850 kg/m3.

Optional and System Integration

The system can be considered as a standard line but a number of personalized features are possible to allow the best system integration, depending on the layout and quality of the material to be treated. The following optional features are available for HPTS by STC:

  • Heavy plastic storage, feeding and dosing system;
  • Sink & float for the preliminary separation of the light PP fraction;
  • ABS and Heavy PP (filled with talc) separation with dense medium;
  • Weighing system for the separated plastic fractions;
  • Water treatment system in case there are no alternatives.
Polyethylene chips
Polyethylene Briquettes
Polyethylene Briquettes
Heavy Plastic Treatment System views
Heavy Plastic Treatment System views