The contract signed with the Nigerian company named Green Recycling Industries was about the design, construction and supply of a complete turnkey spent lead acid battery recycling plant with paste desulphurization via ammonium carbonate and Smelting and Refining area with ingots production.

This is the first plant realized by STC inclusive of the revolutionary Urea Activation System, an extremely innovative technology designed by the company and protected by the European PCT patent approved and published in 2019 (application n. PCTIT2019050091). The patented process is based on the use of urea instead of ammonium carbonate as reagent for the implementation of the lead paste desulphurization reaction. Urea, in fact, unlike ammonium carbonate, is a very accessible amino compound, environmentally friendly and extremely easy to treat and to handle.

Its employment leads to a higher desulphurization yield and consistently facilitates and speeds up the whole desulphurization unit operation while drastically reducing costs and environmental risks. STC is proud to declare that this plant boasts one of the most advanced technology currently available all over the World.

Despite the encountered difficulties deriving from the location itself and from the dimension of the project, the company demonstrated great abilities in managing and coordinating internal and external resources in order to meet and exceed the expectations of its customer.