STC designs and supplies complete lead smelting units for new smelters to process lead bearing materials such as lead paste (desulphurized or non-desulphurized), metallic lead, drosses, flue dust, residues from other non-ferrous metal operations, cerussite ores.

Supply of single equipment or unit is also available in case of revamping or modernization of existing facilities. The range of STC equipment includes:

  • Automatic charge preparation, paste pelletizing and Furnace feeding system;
  • Rotary Furnaces with or without post combustion chambers;
  • TRF for clean metallic fraction;
  • Burners (oxy-fuel or air-fuel);
  • Trolley for ladle & ladles for lead and slags.
Lead Smelting Area


Advantages of STC smelting equipment

The STC LEAD SMELTING UNIT has the following main advantages:

  • Automatic operation;
  • Accurate process control of each phase including suction of process and sanitary air;
  •  High productivity;
  • Strong, robust and simple equipment, very reliable, easy to use with low maintenance requirements;
  • Top quality “made in Italy” at very competitive cost;
  • Partially pre-assembled in our workshop;
  •  Environment-friendly and safe for the operators;
  • Low energy requirements.