Industries make large use of water and its quality must be the right one for process purposes, for boilers and cooling systems and many other applications.

STC provides Customized process solutions and plants for Primary water and Process Water production to be used in all industrial processes.

Our solutions include:

  • Water Filtration (e.g. for general application)
  • Water Softening (e.g. for dying and washing)
  • Water Deionizing (e.g. for steam production)
  • Water conditioning (e.g for cooling towers)
  • Water sterilization (e.g. for pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Selective removal of unwanted substance (e.g. Fe, Mn, As, organics, metals etc.)
  • Ultrapure water production (e.g. for electronic and nuclear industry and other sensible applications)
  • Condensate and blowdown treatment (e.g. for power plants)


Process Water Treatment