The pressing technique is one of the most reliable and commonly used solution for liquid-solid separation and dewatering process.
The filter press proposed by STC is a semi-continuous machine, equipped with a certain number of filtering elements able to remove the solid particles contained in liquids or sludge of various nature.
The operation consists in pumping the slurry into the filter press in order to dewater it under pressure due to the filter plates squeezing process.

Filter Press

It is used for water and wastewater treatment in a variety of different applications ranging from industrial to municipal fields.

Plates size is available in the range 500x500 up to 1500x1500 and can include several optionals like:

  • Membrane squeezing
  • Double-side feed
  • Cake washing
  • Cake blowing
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Dip tray for spillage collection
  • Large selection of cloths for each application