Any Capital Expenditure or investment for new plants/units requires long activities before reaching the Investors/Owners' green light.
STC offers to its potential clients all the possible help and support to make sure that the "go-ahead” decision is well supported from a technical and financial point of view, providing dedicated services for:

CAPEX ESTIMATION: different estimate service types are available according to AACE recommendations or other Corporate policies requiring accuracy;
OPEX ESTIMATION: based on utilities, energy, raw material, chemicals, manpower and maintenance costs;
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: including financial simulation, ROI, IRR, EBIDTA, sensitivity analysis and other financial index for the correct evaluation of the investment;
FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS: may include topics like regulations, competition, market barriers, project risks assessment, financial projection, project SWOT analysis, challenges and key factors;
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT: the aim is to provide the complete technical information for the EIA assessment, in cooperation with local consultants, covering all the technological and
environmental aspects of the project such as: waste, water, air, energy, noise, transportation, technical risks assessment, etc.;
PROJECT FINANCING FACILITIES: STC can provide Project Financing solutions for the investments including deferred payment terms up to 5 years from plant start-up. Depending on the Country where business is supposed to be established, STC can also find potential co-investors as financial or technological partners


Pre-sales support