Circular Clarifier

Thickening and clarification technologies aim at an efficient liquid-solid separation by sedimentation.
Clarifiers remove turbidity and suspended matter from water.

STC realizes three types of equipment:

  • Circular Clarifiers/Thickeners
  • Rectangular Clarifiers
  • Lamella Clarifiers

Depending on the size, the equipment are field-erected tanks or prefabricated tanks.

Thickeners focus on the settled solids, and clarifiers focus on the clear overflow liquor, free of suspended solids. Both processes use gravity but they are often enhanced with chemical treatment (coagulation, pH adjustment, coagulation enhancement and floc formation) to speed up the settling process. A rake mechanism in the bottom of the equipment allows the settled solids extraction from the center of the tank (circular) or bottom end (rectangular).

The Lamella Clarifier has a different sedimentation chamber design, with external slow-mix and fast-mix
Chambers and it has inclined plates to enhance the separation of floc from the water and reduced space requirement.