We are honored to announce that STC has been chosen as official supplier of the Mechanical Vapour Recompression System for the well-known Estonian ULAB recycling company Ecometal AS.

The STC scope of work is the revamping of an existing crystallizer used for the crystallization of sodium sulphate solution obtained from the desulphurization of the lead paste in order to reduce the overall operative costs.

The process proposed by STC consists in the transformation of the existing crystallizer into an MVR crystallizer (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) which allows the production of the heat necessary for the evaporation of sodium sulphate solution, starting from the adiabatic recompression of the evaporated steam instead of using live steam produced in a dedicated steam generator fed with natural gas.

In other words, through the installation of new heat exchangers, liquor circulation pump and of course the new steam compressor, Ecometal will be able to:

➡Reduce the gas consumption of about 1.500.000 m3 per year;

➡Reduce the CO2 emissions of about 2.700 ton per year.

This kind of revamping project has been already implemented and in operation in 3 different Monbat Recycling plants around Europe (Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria) and the good performances, beyond expectations, are confirmed from the daily operation.

STC is very proud because this project represents another fundamental step towards a greener and more sustainable “tomorrow” for the Lead Recycling Industry, perfectly in accordance with the Circular Economy principles.

The just-won international tender saw the participation of other Italian engineering companies and, at the end of the evaluation procedure, STC proposal has been considered the most attractive from several point of view:

✅Lowest price

✅Reduced delivery time

✅Better technical performances

✅Extended technical services

Indeed, as with all other projects, STC always includes an Extended Customer Service: from onsite supervision until plant acceptance and training of the Customer’s Operators, STC skilled team is always available to solve any type of issue and to provide advice and suggestions through face-to-face meetings or remote assistance. We schedule maintenance operations and technology updates of the supplied equipment when/if necessary, and we manage on time the required spare parts for the provided plants.

Furthermore, we conduct periodical surveys (scheduled or on demand) because we care for feedback from plant operations: this gives us the chance to grow and improve our performances and, most importantly, to build loyal and friendly relationships with our customers. 🤝

The “Problem-Solving” attitude and flexibility of our Team is one of our most precious and distinctive skills.