“Heavy plastics” still represent a big issue in the lead acid battery recycling industry⚠❗

This stream consists of a mix of non-floating plastics such as Polyethylene Separators, Heavy Polypropylene and ABS which normally are not recycled and that must be necessary landfilled as hazardous waste at very high costs.

STC has developed a process for the recovery of valuable plastic which reduces the disposal costs and increase the overall recycling efficiency.

Our Heavy Plastic Treatment System (HPTS) is already in operation in an industrial plant in EU and allows our clients to:

✅Produce a clean fraction of dry PE separators in form of compact and stable briquettes having high specific weight easy to be handled and transported, for damping or reuse

✅Recover lead paste and metallic lead contained in the Heavy plastic fraction thus reducing lead contamination

✅Recover the rigid plastic like heavy PP and ABS residues with possibility of further separation between the different types of plastics through an ABS/PP recovery unit


✔Clean fraction of PE separators with low residual humidity, easy to handle, store and transport

✔High density and stability of the produced PE briquettes

✔Increase the overall recovery effciency of the recycling process

✔Reduce Pb content for possible classification as NON-Hazardous Waste

✔Recovery of other heavy plastics like PP filled with talc or ABS that have great value

✔Recovery of metallic Pb & paste contained in the HP fraction with reduction of potential contamination

Find out more about this innovative STC Plug&Play solution in this article published by BestMag: