After the acquisition of its majority stake by the Monbat Group, the Tunisian company Nour - leading Battery manufacturer in north Africa - awarded STC SRL – ITALY of a contract for the supply of a complete used lead-acid battery recycling plant to be installed in their new factory in Tunis.

The new battery breaking and separation plant supplied by STC will be able to process more than 25.000 t/year of lead-acid batteries and will include some of the most recent technology developments achieved by STC thus allowing Batteries Nour to meet the highest environmental standards and to be in compliance with the strictest environmental regulations such as those adopted in EU.

The plant consists of the following main units:

  • Automatic scrap batteries feeding system
  • Magnetic metals separation system
  • Battery crushing system with STC hammer mill
  • Components separation system
  • Paste filtration with membrane squeezing fully automatic filterpress system
  • Electrolyte collection and neutralization system
  • General ventilation and gas scrubbing system

The components separation system will be able to recover the following fractions:

  • Polypropylene chips
  • Heavy plastics fraction (PE separators)
  • Fine metallic lead
  • Poles & Posts
  • Fine paste
  • Coarse paste
  • Clean electrolyte

The plant is designed for the future expansion with the introduction of the innovative paste desulphurization technology “U4Lead” patented by STC, that will produce highly desulphurised lead paste and ammonium sulphate as by product, which is easily saleable as fertilizer.