STC offers several solutions to convert saline water (sea water or brackish water) into freshwater suitable for human consumption or irrigation. This process called desalination is based on the removal of salts and minerals from a specific solution with the consequent production of brine as by-product. It can also be applied on ships and submarines and implemented, using the following main technology categories:

  • Distillation plants (thermal-based method)
  • Reverse osmosis plants (membrane-based method)

The energy recovery from the pressure of water allows to obtain very efficient systems with low energy consumption (4-4,5 Kwh/m3) and for this reason the reverse osmosis plants are the most used treatment system.

In case of sensible marine area, where the discharge of the concentrate into the sea may constitute a problem, STC can provide an evaporation system for the concentrate treatment with recovery of pure condensate and Zero Liquid Discharge process.

Reverse osmosis plant