Spent electrolyte contained in used lead acid batteries still includes some 8-15% of sulphuric acid together with some plastics, particulate and dissolved metals. STC developed a system for the filtration and concentration of the electrolyte up to 45% of H2SO4. This system allows:

  • the production of clean condensate reusable in the plant;
  • a drastic reduction of volumes as well as transportation and disposal costs;
  •  the possible reuse of the concentrated electrolyte as pickling agent in galvanic or steel industry or as chemical for neutralization of alkaline waste water.

The Electrolyte Evaporation unit consists of a skid-mounted Heat Pump Vacuum Evaporator with forced circulation and external shell and tube heat exchanger. Evaporators work with high vacuum conditions in order to save the thermal energy produced by the heat pump. The boiling temperature of the water is approximately 45°C thus preventing phenomena like scaling, precipitation, corrosion, which may reduce the overall performance.

Module capacity ranges from 1 to 24 m3 /day (in case of higher volume more modules can be installed in parallel).

The system is completely pre-assembled on skid with piping, instrumentation and local panel with PLC and operator panel.

Reduced energy consumption (about 125 kWh/m of distilled water).

Construction material: Duplex Stainless Steel

Evaporation Unit
Evaporation Unit Rendering