The Polypropylene Upgrading Unit leads to the production of clean PP granules with standardized characteristics according to UNI 10667.

PP granules are widely used in various molding processes, not only to make new battery boxes but also for different kind of products like automotive components, containers, garden pots, indoor and outdoor furniture, vases, accessories and components for agriculture, household items.

The upgrading unit is composed of two processing steps:

  • PP washing & grinding;
  • PP extrusion.

Polypropylene washing and grinding

The technological line consists of a grinder for plastics cutting followed by a washing unit of the obtained PP chips, where all heavy fractions and additional residues are eventually separated. A drying system operating with hot air and fluidized bed ensures a total removal of the residual humidity of the PP chips which are then completely dried and ready to be sold on the market or directly processed in an extrusion line.

The washing unit allows the complete removal of the acidity and impurities (other plastics, lead, wood etc.) thus preparing the material for the further extrusion process. The obtained chips 10-14 mm can be easily transported and sold in the market.

Construction material in stainless steel.

Polypropylene Extrusion

The PP grinded chips may also be subject to extrusion process for the production of homogeneous and high-quality PP granules. The hot granulation process is carried out directly on the extrusion surface made up of a die with several holes through which the bundle of PP extruded wires goes out. The outlet thermoplastic material is then cut by a blade into granules, cooled down and conveyed to a vibrating screen to ensure the separation of the pelletized material.

Thanks to the applied microfiltration it is possible to obtain high quality regenerated granules suitable for any injection molding processes.

The main advantages are:

  •  Purity and cleanness of the final product
  •  Standardized size and granulometry of output PP chips;
  •  Easy resell on the marke;
  •  Reduced energy consumption;
  • Compact line
Extruded Polypropylene Granules
Polypropylene Chips after upgrading