On industrial level, it is often necessary to convert hard water into soft water by removing calcium and magnesium ions with the final aim to drastically reduce the formation of foul plumbing, scaling and galvanic corrosion. In order to obtain a high- grade purity water to be applied in pharmaceutical industries or semiconductors, full water demineralization can also be carried out.

    STC’s water softening and demineralizing plants are able to remove the excess minerals from hard water by exchanging the contained salts with sodium and convert it into soft water.

    The following technologies may be employed:

    • Ion exchange resins plants
    • Reverse osmosis plants
    • continuous electrodeionization (CEDI)
    • High purity mixed bed resins plants for the ultrapure water
    • Decarbonation towers
    • Dealkalinization plants
    Ion Exchange Resins Plant