Ultrapure water is essential in several highly sensitive applications such as in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

However, also in the electrolyte preparation process for lead acid battery production, the quality of the water used is extremely important and may affect the battery life and performances.

STC designs and supplies plants for the production of ULTRAPURE WATER able to meet the most strict technical specifications.

Depending on the feed and the quality requirements, STC can provide:

  • Reverse osmosis plants
  • Softening plants
  • Ion resin exchange plants
  • Electrodialysis plants
  • Distillation plants

The plants are modular, skid-mounted complete of piping, instrumentation and electrical connection to a local panel with PLC.

Standard plant capacity ranges from 1 to 20 m /h but STC can provide plants of any size.

In case of shortage of water availability or to increase the overall efficiency of the production unit, STC may implement recovery and reuse of waste-water for the production of Ultrapure water.


Membrane Ultrafiltration Plant