A long-term experience with water treatment technologies, enabled STC to easily carry out the design, construction, mounting and start-up of a turnkey zero-discharge wastewater treatment plant in Enterra S.p.A – Foggia (Italy).

Enterra is an Apulian company specialized in renewable energy generated from solar, wind and biomass power plants. In particular, the wastewater resulting from the Biomass Power plant owned by this company and located in Rignano Garganico was characterized by an extremely high salinity content which prevented it from being reused inside the plant as industrial water.

Consequently, the customer had to withdraw water from the local well to satisfy the power plant functioning requirements and only after a filtration and a softening process, the well water was ready to be sent upstream a demineralization unit and then back to the plant itself.

Thanks to the proposed STC technology, Enterra started to obtain consistent economic savings: STC’s wastewater treatment plant, completed in 2015 and still in use, is able to recover low salinity water from the released liquids, minimize the well water withdrawal operations and to drastically reduce the volume of saline concentrates to be disposed of in landfills. It is totally automated and independent from the rest of the power plant and has therefore been considered one of the best available technology in the field on an international level.