STC’s first lead paste desulphurization and sodium sulphate crystallization plant has been designed in 2011 for a Greek leadshot producing company. This plant allowed the integration of the hydro-metallurgical pre-treatment of the lead paste into the traditional process of lead acid battery breaking and separation and pyrometallurgical reduction of the contained lead compounds. STC’s desulphurization process allowed the client company to get several great advantages, both from an economic and environmental point of view:

  • lower energy consumption, because of the lower operating temperature of the furnaces for the paste smelting operation;
  • higher yield of Lead, due to the lower content of this element in the slag;
  • lower slag production and lower raw material consumption due to the lower quantity of reagents to be added to the furnaces;
  • lower environmental impact, due to the lower content of sulphur dioxide in the stream and lower waste production;
  • higher life-cycle for the furnace refractory bricks

Additionally, thanks to the flexibility of STC engineers and designing team, we managed to install our plant in a very reduced available space by developing it vertically on multiple levels.